spencer tunick – naked people as crayons.

i’m pretty sure it takes a quite a while to build a photographic career that gives you the credibilty to be able to build a mound of 7,000 naked strangers for your work. so for that, a big high five goes out to spencer tunick for creating such an overwhelming, international, lots-of-nude-people series. as far as i’m concerned, this is the real deal. it’s participatory performance art at it’s best. seriously, imagine the energy “on set,” as an entire group of strangers unite for the purpose of artistic expression, strip down to their b-day suits, and all hang out and stare at each other’s flesh. awesome. he’s using people like pencils (“people crayons”) to pull his composition together, literally drawing with thousands of fleshy volunteers. after a while, i’m sure it becomes cathartic, meditative, and out-of-control psychologically insane to be there. ya know what i sayin’?






Cronica Spencer Tunick Mexico

i found this video on the tube of you, it’s a more comprehensive view of tunick’s work. a nice little slideshow set to some cat power (who is pretty rockin’). check it out:

that’s what’s up,
Picture 4.png


~ by supahblog on February 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “spencer tunick – naked people as crayons.”

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw his work at the Sagamore on Miami Beach.
    Does he have shots of the nudes hanging out on hotel balconies?
    I think one of them they’re each popping a bottle of champagne.
    Love Ripa!!!!

  2. rippppaaa! i’m not sure if that’s him, but if it’s the nudies, one can only assume. i’ve seen a bunch of installations he did using a bunch of people in a swimming pool with green floaty things. it kinda looked like it might be at a hotel, but i’m only guessing. ❤

  3. I like that … Its really a spectacular pics ,,, nice .. but y are they doing like that?

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  5. i saw some of this guys work in atlanta about 5 years ago. AMAZING.

  6. Hi if you want more insight into why we do this, or more info about Spencer and his art, come to http://www.spencertunickforum.org or our sister site http://www.thespencertunickexperience.org
    Many of us have posed a few times.
    Yes that was the Sagamore Hotel with the pool and balconies. etc.

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