mind-blowingly awesome photos.

here are some rad photographers and a small sliver of each of their portfolios. i’ve been really into contemporary photography these days, so why not tell you what’s up? they’re all pretty rad, and i wish i could say all the things about their work that they did. woot!

g.m.b. akash –

Picture 7

Picture 9

thomas brenner –

Picture 15

Picture 14

Picture 16

kelli connell – (digital combine, it’s the same person.)

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 20

alex ten napel –

Picture 36

Picture 35

katharina mouratidi –

Picture 33

Picture 32

Picture 34

tiina hafkenscheid –

Picture 26

Picture 25

Picture 27

doug dubois –

Picture 24

Picture 23

Picture 22

kerry skarbakka –

Picture 39

i’m lovin’ it,
Picture 5.png


~ by supahblog on February 8, 2008.

One Response to “mind-blowingly awesome photos.”

  1. Thats the most beautiful collection I’ve ever seen….
    …esp the photo where this man is standing right inside the pit and is all covered in grease…

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