julia fuller-batten’s psycho-awesome incredible photos.

julia fullerton-batten is one of the most talented photographers i’ve come across in a long time. she’s won trillions of awards for her photography, and i’m sure you can see why. she’s awesome. she crosses over from commercial, to editorial, fashion, advertising and fine art photography, like it ain’t no thang.. with a style that can’t be matched. who does that these days with serious success? she does. her portfolio is INCREDIBLE. technically and conceptually unparallelled, she is a champion of photography. usually when i look through artist’s websites, portfolios, anything.. there are three or four pictures that stand out for me as being “awesome.” this time, this woman’s photographic skill is unbelievable, and i really couldn’t decide which images i liked the most because they’re all THAT good. they are all so well-done, that i almost can’t believe she’s just one person. way to go, julia. high five, two thumbs up, you’re a badass.Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3 Picture 9Picture 15 Picture 16whoa man, i’m IMPRESSED.Picture 5.png


~ by supahblog on February 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “julia fuller-batten’s psycho-awesome incredible photos.”

  1. these photos are so emotionally compelling!

  2. I LOVE these. Especially the red-haired girl, the naked winter woman, the woman in the water, and the old woman. Whoa.

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