sascha weidner makes life look RAD.

sascha weidner is a german photographer with some serious talent, and enough work exhibited on his website to make your eyes kinda tired of checking it all out. there’s something really serene about his work, but somehow he keeps his images young, fresh, and even a bit playful in a man vs. nature kind of way. maybe it’s that most of these situations embody scenes of uncommon isolation. it’s not everyday i’m alone in the dark hanging out on some rooftop in the middle of nowhere, with someone shining a light on the shack i’m on, as i longingly stare into the abyss of night. ya know what i’m saying? the lighting is phoenominal, and hints at a very technical eye. some of the staged photographs lose a bit of the spontinaetiy for me, and aren’t as progressive or intriguing as the (for lack of a better word) seemingly carefree “snapshots” shown on other portions of his portfolio. despite his short history as an artist, his C.V. hints at some pretty prestigious awards. night photography is where it’s at, and this guy knows what’s up. like a trillion artists have said before, art is life. it’s everything from the lines of age on your grandmother’s hands, red-runny winter noses, and standing on a chair to toast your friends and family.. to purple hats and big sunglasses, hurricanes, porch swings, tree house, raindrops, and sunshine. there’s a little bit of beautiful in almost everything we see. it’s all a matter of perception, of finding the right angle. and if you ask me, i say sascha weidner’s got it down.














make your life lovely,

Picture 18


~ by supahblog on March 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “sascha weidner makes life look RAD.”

  1. Yes yes yes yes yes!

  2. oh, this is fucking great. what a great artist.. I´ve been lucky, I´ve seen one show in barcelona last december. brilliant, but as real prints in the show, they were much better than in the internet.

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