the day-to-day life of albert hastings.

kaylynn deveney moved from new mexico to southern whales to go to grad school for photography. she walked everywhere, always passing her neighbor’s house on the way. eventually, she mustered up the courage to introduce herself to an older man down the street that was always spending time caring for his garden and whatnot. soon thereafter, she asked if she could do a photo project that revolved around his day-to-day lifestyle. the adorably sweet, simple kind, and lonely older man agreed to help the kid out and this photo project was born. with a thoughtful approach to life, he captioned the girl’s photographs, and a collaboration was born. 

simplistic, bitter-sweet, and uninhibited, deveney captured the essence of the elderly man with a very refined sophistication and elegance. i bought the book almost a year ago at the MoMA because i couldn’t stop myself. the story is beautiful, the everyday life of a very special older person. i almost teared up toward the end, and spent at least an hour in the store, slowly flipping through the pages. the photographer and subject develop a friendship and closeness that rivals a pseudo-familial bond, and he seems to be the second sweetest man i’ve ever seen. the following photos are from the book and series: the day-to-day life of albert hastings.












Picture 1.png

Picture 3.png


~ by supahblog on April 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “the day-to-day life of albert hastings.”

  1. I like it!

  2. woot! me too.

  3. This is so beautiful.

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