kaki king.

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kaki king is acoustic lady jams that are sometimes more appealing to the eye than ear. she’s got interesting ways of playing that haven’t really been exploited yet, but in my opinion.. she’s not at the top of her game with it. i’ve seen better a while ago.. some older white guy that was kind of balding? he wasn’t as easy on the eyes, but a lot better at that open-tuning, guitar slapping thing. i like that the pink noise song sounds electronic, but i hate those two notes that seem out of key. anyway, if you dig it.. she just released a new album. check it out.


the b52’s, out of control.. and on tour?

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With the way they’ve been acting, you’d never know that the B-52’s are almost two decades down the road from the “Love Shack”. This week, Astralwerks released Funplex, the Athens icons’ first album in 16 years, and the B-52s’ show no signs of slowing up any time soon.

First up is a trio of remixes of Funplex’s title track from the likes of CSS, Peaches and the Scissor Sisters, available right this instant through iTunes. Then there’s the band’s club tour, which kicks off in Boston in late April following a few scattered gigs beforehand (including one tonight in British Columbia).

And then there’s their co-headlining spot on this year’s True Colors Tour, where they’ll join Cyndi Lauper, Tegan and Sara, Regina Spektor, Joan Jett, Andy Bell of Erasure, and others on a lineup that changes as often as Fred Schneider switches suits.

Welcome back, B-52’s! Yours is a much more welcome re-emergence than that of those planes you’re named after.

From Pitchfork.

the bird and the bee.

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this is what i’m listening to these days.

this whole situation makes me smile a whole bunch.

what’s your jam? fill me in.

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fake hurricane photo-time.

•March 24, 2008 • 2 Comments

these are the pictures i shot a few weeks ago on set:

so what’s with the natural desire to falsify reality? creative teams build these massive props, destroy whatever they can get their hands on, “beautify” reality through alternative lighting sources and nobody stops for a even a second to ask a simple little question – why? what’s the point of of it all, why is it done, and for who’s benefit? advertising campaigns, marketing groups, filmmakers, photographers, installation artists.. why do we create the reality instead of just living it? there’s enough beauty in the world for me, and sometimes it’s overwhelming. so why must we create more, instead of seeking out what’s already there?

the strangest part is this: if we have the power to create an alternate reality, why must it be so hellish? why is it about destruction, sadness, trauma, and human grief when we have the ability to create celebrations of life? why would you ever bother watching a movie like “hostel,” why do you need to see someone pretend to rip an eye out of a socket? what’s the point of scary movies, and why would you purposely make yourself feel scared, upset, or angry by watching something like that?

i guess i’m just noticing a trend, and it’s starting to get to me. the news is angry, sad, upsetting. so are a majority of rated “R” movies, and the PG-13’s are even getting pretty raw. what’s up with that? why do humans have a desire falsify reality to re-create tragedy?

if you got answers, i got questions,
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sascha weidner makes life look RAD.

•March 24, 2008 • 2 Comments

sascha weidner is a german photographer with some serious talent, and enough work exhibited on his website to make your eyes kinda tired of checking it all out. there’s something really serene about his work, but somehow he keeps his images young, fresh, and even a bit playful in a man vs. nature kind of way. maybe it’s that most of these situations embody scenes of uncommon isolation. it’s not everyday i’m alone in the dark hanging out on some rooftop in the middle of nowhere, with someone shining a light on the shack i’m on, as i longingly stare into the abyss of night. ya know what i’m saying? the lighting is phoenominal, and hints at a very technical eye. some of the staged photographs lose a bit of the spontinaetiy for me, and aren’t as progressive or intriguing as the (for lack of a better word) seemingly carefree “snapshots” shown on other portions of his portfolio. despite his short history as an artist, his C.V. hints at some pretty prestigious awards. night photography is where it’s at, and this guy knows what’s up. like a trillion artists have said before, art is life. it’s everything from the lines of age on your grandmother’s hands, red-runny winter noses, and standing on a chair to toast your friends and family.. to purple hats and big sunglasses, hurricanes, porch swings, tree house, raindrops, and sunshine. there’s a little bit of beautiful in almost everything we see. it’s all a matter of perception, of finding the right angle. and if you ask me, i say sascha weidner’s got it down.














make your life lovely,

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happy easter doods!

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what’s up with obama?

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nobody has time. nobody has time to do their laundry, wash their car, to call all their friends and keep in touch. nobody has time for anything anymore. this is a forty minute video, and i made time to watch it. if i were you, i’d consider it. just sit down, and listen to what the guy has to say. before i’d seen it, i was undecided. the thing is, after watching this video i think i believe him. i think i actually trust him.

for the first time in years, since i’ve been able to understand the political spectrum, i believe in america. sure, that sounds like a bunch of crap. it sounds like crazy-talk. but it’s true. finally, there’s a guy running for office that doesn’t seem like a straight-up liar. he literally says that “the most segregated hour of american life happens on sunday morning,” and damn. who was expecting that? i sure wasn’t. implying an actual separation of church and state? bring it.

you know what else i wasn’t expecting him to say? his white grandmother was racist. so is mine, and that’s just the way it is. he speaks of overcoming the barriers of socially enforced present-day segregation, and isn’t denying the fact that it exists. he wants to “bring the troops home,” and says it in a way that makes me believe he’s honestly fighting for the future. we’re america. we’re rich, poor, black, white, latino, and asian, and we must realize that we’re at the point where we must do this together. we must seek change as a united population, and take a step away from the non-inclusive ideologies of previous generations. he’s right, and he’s not afraid to say that america is kinda-sorta sucking right now. the best part of the whole speech is that he never once “dumbs it down,” nor does he speak to the american public as if we’re a bunch of ignorant children that are about to step up to the polls. he doesn’t claim he can fix everything either, instead he implies that he wants to be trusted to take necessary positive steps in the right direction. he knows that one presidential cycle can’t solve the problem, and doesn’t claim anything outlandish. i believe in that, and i believe he will try his best. and isn’t that all anyone can do?

i’m kind of impressed, and i’m thankful at the same time. what are my other options? mccain on the republican front, who’s voice is barely heard? or hillary, who’s backed by major corporations and interest groups, and initiated the defense of marriage act, which continues to deny rights to american people that aren’t heterosexual? if you’re taking away rights from anyone.. gay, straight, black, white, whatever.. damn. with the most powerful job in america, denying rights to ANYONE is just foreshadows a really dismal future.like i said, i was undecided before i watched this video. and to make it clear, i’m not trying to push my political opinions on anyone. voting is personal, and should be respected as freedom of choice. anyway, i just know it’s my responsibility to be informed. being born in this country, with all of my luxuries that i take for granted everyday, it’s my obligation to be an informed citizen, and it’s my obligation to vote for the greater good, as well as what is in our interest as a national community.

take a minute and check it out.  

what are you thinkin’ bout all o’ this?

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